Kinak Bay and Geographic Harbor, Alaska

Today’s plan is to visit Kinak Bay and Geographic Harbor, in the Katmai National Park on the Alaskan Peninsula. Home to brown bears, we hope to cruise up Kinak Bay and then pick up our […]


Unga Island, Aleutian Islands

Today’s plan is to land at Unga Island, the final island of the Aleutian Islands chain that we will visit before arriving at the Alaskan Peninsula. The village of Unga was abandoned 50 years ago, […]


Dutch Harbor, Unalaska

Le Soleal anchors in Dutch Harbor, on Unalaska Island, early this morning. Dutch Harbor is a small but sprawling settlement, the only deepwater port in the Aleutian Islands. Below is the NASA image of the […]


Islands of Four Mountains, Aleutian Islands

Today’s plan is an “unplanned” landing at Chuginadak Island, part of the strangely named Islands of Four Mountains archipelago. It is meant to be a sea day en route to Unalaska Island, but our captain […]


Adak and Atka Islands, Aleutian Islands

Today’s itinerary takes us to Adak and Atka Islands. Adak Island Adak Island is the destination for an early morning landing. The weather has improved since yesterday evening, it isn’t raining, although still grey and […]


Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands

Today’s plan is to visit Kiska and Davidof Islands. In the morning, we plan to land at Kiska Island and hike around a road to the remains of WWII Japanese fortifications. There is more unexploded […]