Paris, December 23, 2013

Today I take a chance that Galeries Lafayette in Paris will not be that busy that I turn around and walk out after 3 mins as I have done in the past. Happily, it’s busy, but not so busy that I can’t get a couple of shots of their Christmas tree.


An expedition into Printemps doesn’t find anything worth photographing, but in the decade since I was last in the store the toilets have had a significant upgrade and now cost 1.50 euros. Happy to pay this for a clean restroom!

There are a few photos worth taking from the rooftop of Printemps, here is one of them in black and white looking across the rooftops to Opera Garnier…


Tonight it’s a visit out to the Christmas Market at La Defense. Disaster strikes when the fifth section of one of the legs of my tripod falls out. It’s not meant to fall out and defeats my efforts in the dark and windy conditions on the Esplanade to get it back into place. Contingency plan is to crank up the ISO and hand hold the night shots and hope for one or two passable images. The market is busy, but the real attraction are the lights, the theme this year seems to be penguins! It did take me a while to work out the blue things are meant to be penguins 🙂



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